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Best Extensions Similar To Teleparty

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There is no doubt that movies are best enjoyed when you watch them with your pals or in some company. However, it's only sometimes possible to gather for such collective fun and entertaining time. Furthermore, only some people you know live across the street or in the same city or country. Therefore, meeting them virtually is the only way to connect with them. For that connection, the watch party extensions are handy. One of them to watch movies and series remotely with your loved ones is Teleparty.  


Teleparty is a web extension that enables people to watch TV with their friends and family online, even if they don't live in the same place. Furthermore, it syncs up a movie or TV show to watch with someone else. Thus, it doesn't matter how far apart you live. Additionally, with Teleparty Extension, you can watch content from streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, HBO Max, Disney+, Peacock TV, Paramount Plus, Hotstar, and YouTube.  

Like Teleparty Chrome Extension, several other group watch party extensions are available on the web. There will be no issues in using Teleparty Netflix; if you face some, you may use the following alternatives.

Watch Party Extensions similar to Teleparty.  

The below-mentioned extensions are all efficient in hosting watch parties if you have an individual subscription to any of the aforementioned OTT services. Furthermore, there are few plugins for a streaming service-specific watch party.


1. Meta Stream

Meta stream is a free-to-use streaming partner. Furthermore, it has several tools like Watch Videos Together, Group Chat, and Video Streaming. Moreover, this web extension is compatible with devices and operating systems like Windows, Linux, macOS, laptops, and desktop PCs. You can download it from Google Chrome and Firefox web browsers. Also, it is available on the Chrome Web Store. Just like every other streaming party extension, Meta Stream synchronizes video playback so you can enjoy watching them together. 

When it comes to its features, it is packed with a slew of enhancing attributes for better usage and satisfactory user experience. 

2. StreamParty

Here is the alternative that sounds similar to Teleparty Extension, called Stream Party. The StreamParty add-on is its global and free accessibility. Moreover, it functions seamlessly on a number of devices running macOS, Windows, and Linux. Furthermore, you download and install the extension from Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox web browsers. StreamParty is a community-based streaming service to watch videos in sync with all your friends and family worldwide. Furthermore, StreamParty has similar features to that of Teleparty, including seamless syncing, group chat, HD resolutions, etc.

3. OpenTogetherTube 

The following extension on this list of extensions similar to Teleparty is OpenTogetherTube. This one is also freely accessible worldwide. Thus, you can host and join watch parties from various parts of the world for free. Now enjoy streaming your favorite movies and TV shows with your favorite people. Highlighting its features, it has real-time sync, dark mode, Ad-free streaming, Youtube integration, and the ability to direct links to mp4 videos. Also, it has a live chat and Vimeo integration and is smartphone friendly. Plus, it doesn't require any registration to use this add-on. 

4. Netflix Party

Here is the first streaming service-specific watch party extension. Netflix Party Chrome is excellent for those who want to only watch Netflix movies and TV shows with friends and family. Furthermore, it allows you to create a virtual living room to host your friends and family for a movie night. Using this, you can invite up to 100 people to a watch party. Moreover, you can chat with your party mates while watching, making it a great way to bond more. Apart from that, it has an amazing feature of profile personalization to keep unique nicknames and profile icons.   

5. Hulu Party

The watch party extension for Hulu is similar to Netflix Party. Furthermore, everything from functioning to features and every other aspect is the same. This is another great option for Hulu lovers if they don't want to use Teleparty. Watch Hulu originals and its extensive content library with friends and family. Anchor virtual watch parties and invite your close one to watch along with you. Additionally, it offers HD resolutions to elevate your watch party experience. On top of that, it is free to use and provides complete watch party control of the host.

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