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How to Host a Movie Night with Teleparty

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Due to your tight schedules, has it been long, and you have yet to go out to see a movie with your friends and family? Then, here you have an option Teleparty as a resolution to resolve this problematic situation. Teleparty is an extension tool enabling streaming movies, shows, and other available videos on different streaming platforms such as Disney Plus, HBO Max, Hotstar, Hulu, and Netflix. The best part is you can enjoy streaming all your favorite videos individually or with your friends and family members. 

But to make this happen, you need to install the Teleparty Extension on your device. Therefore, follow the information below to let you know how to use Teleparty Chrome extension.” Also, the downward information will redirect you toward how to install Teleparty extension first. Furthermore, check out a few accessible features of the Teleparty chrome extension that will help amplify your movie night. So without any further delay, let’s begin.           


How can you Host a Movie Night with Teleparty?

Hosting a movie night with Teleparty for you and your friends starts with installing the extension. Therefore, straight jump onto the below guidelines to understand the process right from scratch:  

1. Install Extension 

Firstly, to directly install the Teleparty extension, click here. Moreover, it would help if you had a web browser; either it should be Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome. Also, owning a compatible device for installation is essential such as Chromebook, Windows, and macOS laptops/PCs. 

2. Pin Extension 

Once the installation is complete, pin the extension to the browser's toolbar. And to do so, click on the "pin" icon to add the extension, which you can see at the top-right corner of the screen. If the extension doesn’t appear, click on the “Teleparty“ puzzle icon to find the extension. 

3. Sign in

Now, it’s time to sign into a streaming website such as Netflix, Disney Plus, HBO Max, Hotstar, and Hulu. And to sign in, you must have a sign-in account to open and access your chosen streaming website. 

4. Search, Select & Stream

Next, you need to search and select the video that you think is suitable to stream together. After selecting the streaming video, pause it for a while before carrying onwards.   

5. Host Watch Party

Further, begin with hosting a watch party; hence, click on the “TP button” next to your browser's address bar. As a result, you see a “Create a watch party” window with a “Start a Party” button. You need to click the “Start a Party” button to create the Watch Party link. Once the link is created, please share it with your friends worldwide who you want to invite to your watch party.

6. Join Watch Party  

To end the process by joining the Watch Party, click on the received watch party link. Your friend or a watch party host must share the link. And that’s how you can host your watch party and begin streaming all your most awaited videos with your friends.    


Features of Teleparty

Learning about features plays a vital role in expressing the productivity or functionality of a watch party extension. Therefore, here you have some significant features of the Teleparty extension, which you can use to make your watch party more enjoyable. And these are:     

1. Global Access 

The worldwide or global access lets you access the Teleparty extension from anywhere and anytime. You can use your location via VPN if streaming services are unavailable in your country.    

2. Control over Teleparty

From the security concerts, you can opt for the controllability option. Thus, enable the “Only I have Control” button to get control. And to release control over the watch party, disable the same “Only I have Control” button. Doing so will let the host control the start, play, rebound, pause, and fast-forward the video.    

3. Profile Customization 

It also has a Profile Customization feature that allows users to modify their profile. Under customization, it lets you add nicknames for usernames and avatars from several profile icons on your Teleparty profile.  

4. Group Chat

Another amazing feature is “Group Chat'' which lets you send messages and emojis while streaming movies with your friends. So you can least become bored and engage yourself even more.    


5. Multiple Access

The “Multiple Access” feature stands out the Teleparty and makes it exceptional among the rest of other watch party extensions. Moreover, via this feature, you can begin streaming on different sites such as Netflix, Hotstar, Disney Plus, HBO Max, Prime Video, and Hulu. 

6. HD Streaming With Syncing

Last is about binge-free watching movies and shows seamlessly in sync worldwide, without any hassles. Plus, you can enjoy watching movies in HD picture quality too.

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